Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers



Innovation and Experimentation

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(1) Introduce each lesson by relating its content to students life.

Thus I began the lesson with anecdotes that describes how what the children should learn,

(2) Teach with humor, songs, poetry, drama, and color. I quickly observed so many childrenwho rarely paid attention suddenly became and remained involved in what I was teaching.

(3) Incorporate lots of pictures, drawings, graphics, and charts into the explanations.

(4)Permit some flexibility in how and where students learn. For example, global learners

tend to concentrate best:

(a) in soft, rather than bright, lighting;

(b) while seated causally in a relaxed environment rather than

at their wooden, steel, or plastic desks and chairs;

(c) with soft music without lyrics;

(d) when permitted short 60-second breaks to review--with a classmate or two, the content they were taught during the previous15 minutes;.

V- Mathematics

Redesigning class room for global children & relating the learning objective to their day to day life

40 percent achieved

Bidyut Prava Singh


Primary teacher